Reducing Waste

Here are some of the things we’re doing to improve resource use in Frome:

  • We set up the UK’s first Sharing Shop in partnership with Edventure. SHARE: A Library of Things now has over 300 members and 500 items to lend. It also offers weekly skill sharing events and an annual sharing festival.
  • We initiated the first VHS recycling campaign in the country in partnership with Protomax (who can recycle any type of plastic). The boards are now being used in the refurb of the town hall.
  • We have supported and secured funding for a range of re-use groups including Frome Toy Library, Frome’s Happy Nappy Library and are working with Frome Scrap Store and Re-play (music instrument re-use).

Other things you can do:

Last checked 6th March 2020