Frome Fireworks 2019


Last year we set out to provide a spectacular, professional, free firework display where local people of all ages could come together to celebrate and raise money for local causes.

It is unusual for a town the size of Frome not to provide a public display and fireworks events in nearby locations such as Longleat attract large numbers of people from our town. A free Frome display encourages Frome residents, of all ages to stay in town, support our businesses.

An event in the, central, Old Showfield location reduces CO2 emissions from car journeys out of town. Free entry to one safe, organised event significantly reduces the number of small, less safe garden displays, which can be a nuisance at this time of year.

Our event is inclusive and open to our whole community. We will provide accessible viewing areas for people with disabilities and older people. We will work with local organisations like Active and In Touch and the volunteer drivers Community Cars scheme to assist older or disabled people who wish to attend the event.

The three local Rotary Clubs have extensive experience of event organisation and management. We will collect voluntary donations through a bucket collection at the event. All money raised will be distributed through the Rotary Clubs to deserving causes in Frome.

We will seek sponsorship from local businesses and generate income to meet additional costs from the sale of food and drink pitches to local suppliers.

Frome Fireworks will be a great opportunity for people from all parts of our community to come together socially, have a fun evening and feel good about their town.

We estimate that around 6,000 people attended last years event. The feedback has been very positive and there will be considerable disappointment in Frome if the event does not go ahead again.


Title Description Total Amount Amount Requested
Support services First Aid 400 400
Safety equipment Radios

Tower lights



Insurance 800 800
Materials and equipment Barriers/signs 1000
Publicity 500
Road/footpath closure Council fees and signage 1000 1000
Toilet hire 1200 1000
Fireworks 7200 6000
Lighting and sound 1800 300
Security 500 500
TOTAL 14550 10000

Public questions and feedback

Q: How much was donated last year? If they charged a nominal £2 a head could their request be reduced to a more realistic figure?

A: We collected £5,100. All of this was distributed to local charities. It is intended that if we are successful with the public vote, and the event is a success, we would look to reduce our reliance on public funding in future years by seeking further sponsorship and potentially introducing a charge. We need financial support for this year to test the degree of commercial support we may be able to achieve to make this a permanent event on the calendar.

Q: How does this tie in with the Town Council’s recent Green commitments and a declaration of a Climate Emergency?

A: We acknowledge that the proposed firework display has an impact on the environment. The Peoples budget sets aside a sum of money and invites organisations and individuals to offer to organise events for the people of Frome.  This is a democratic process and the people of Frome decide what events they want to see.  Last year the event was attended by around 6,000 people. We believe that having a large display in the town reduces the number of smaller displays in the town that are spread over more than a week.  The overall effect of the air pollution during the firework period may well be reduced. If the people of Frome, through the public vote reject our proposal because of the damage to the environment then we will respect their decision.

Q: Last year when this project was funded I thought that it was specified that the intention was that it would be self funding in future?

Q: I think that people attending could pay on the night to reduce costs in following years.

Q: More a suggestion: why not charge a small amount and therefore take less from the funding pot? I can’t imagine anyone wouldn’t be happy to pay something for this event.

A: It was never specified that the event would be self funding in the future.  We are looking to additional commercial sponsors so that we can reduce the ongoing financial support from the Council.  The event costs considerably more than the funding from the People Budget. The funding enables the event to be free and inclusive. More than £5,000 was put back into the community from the collection at the end.  Money was given to Fair Frome, The Pod and 1st and 7th Frome Scouts and many more local charities and community groups.