Frome Choral Festival 2019


The aim of the festival is to highlight the many excellent choirs in the area with the objective of encouraging more people to get involved in and support local choral activities and attend concerts.

A People’s Budget grant will be sought to cover promotional costs, a visiting professional group and venue hire for the concerts, which will be free of charge to the public. 14 groups have already expressed interest in the project.

There will also be an amount included to commission a choral work which will receive its premiere at the festival.

In advance of the weekend festival, Frome FM will profile each choir. These recordings will promote the festival and acquaint listeners with the groups performing.

There will be 3 major concerts one every night and a host of workshops and events during the day. One concert will feature a performance by a major “professional choir” from the region – such as Wells Cathedral (who have agreed in principle), another will feature two contrasting smaller groups – perhaps a barber-shop quartet and a chamber group.

At the third concert on Sunday night, all participating choirs will present one short piece from their repertoire. A local composer will be commissioned to write a short choral piece for the festival and the world premiere of this work will be performed by ‘The Festival Choir’ (volunteers drawn from the choirs). Final rehearsals for this will take place during the weekend and will be open to the public.

During the day there will be participatory events for the public to enjoy. These could include workshops on

  • barbershop
  • folk, gospel, blues & rap
  • Gong and Overtone singing
  • Recording and livestreaming your choir (technical)
  • Children’s workshop
  • ‘Singing through dementia’
  • Barber Shop Quartet, harmony singing


Title Description Total amount Amount requested
Management costs Volunteer organisers 0 0
Training Volunteer organisers 0 0
Office costs (rent, telephone etc) Frome FM admin, 500 250
Sub Total 500 250
Salaries Volunteers 0 0
Expenses (travel etc) Guests travel 500 500
Venue hire 10 events at £150 1500 1500
Materials and equipment Additional PA Hire, Recording equipment rental 1000 1000
Publicity Newspaper promotion, banners, posters, flyers 750 750
Music hire contingency Extension of sheet music hire from previous season (contingency) 300 200
Other (please specify) Guest Choir 2000 2000
Sub total 6550 6550
TOTAL £6550 £6200

Budget edited by Frome FM on 05.03.2019

Public questions and feedback

Q: The budget does not add up correctly and is not easy to understand where other support might come from.

Q: I would like to vote for this but the budget figures do not add up correctly.

A: The error in the budget has now been corrected by Frome FM. Most of the grant from the People’s Budget would be for venues fees and publicity and other admin costs so that all events would be free to the public. We hope for additional financial and In-kind support from the public – for example, voluntary donations and collections at concerts, donated refreshments, offers of help from transport organisations etc. We cannot really firm these up until we know we have the core funding. We are also looking for sponsorship for the commission of a new piece to be performed at the festival. If any venues were prepared to waive their fees or donate refreshments, we would be very happy.

Q: It mentions commissioning a local composer to write a work but is there any budget set aside for this?

A: No, I’m hoping to secure a patron or sponsorship. This can only happen if we get the core funding.

Q: Not a question but a comment. This sounded like such a wonderful idea until I listened to your video and heard religious music. Exclusionary and disappointing.

A: Singing groups and workshop topics represented cover all genres from barber-shop quartet to cathedral and local choirs; from a choir made up of people who by their own admission cannot sing to small groups of people who sing as therapy for life changing disabilities such as Dementia. There’s a pub choir and several youth choirs who will most certainly be singing a mixture of sacred and secular songs.  If you’re not interested in religion or religious music, there will be plenty of other things to see and do and we certainly aim to be as inclusive as possible. Also if you have any suggestions for the content of the festival we would love to hear from you.