Active and In Touch Thanksgiving Lunch 2019


To create a community (thanksgiving) lunch that people have contributed to by either growing the vegetables that are being eaten, or cooking them in various classes leading up to the main event which would be a weekend of cookery and ending in a lunch on a Sunday afternoon that everyone of all ages can enjoy.

 1) Holding classes/groups at the Active and In Touch allotment and liaising/visiting other gardening groups with Active members. Gathering excess vegetables from different groups and from own allotment to use on project.

2) Vegetables will be used in various classes over three/four months, held in the kitchens at the Assembly Rooms, to be taught by Sue Hidvegi from Improve with Food and various W.I members.  Also classes leading up to the event on pickling and preserving. Food would come from the allotment or be donated from others who have excess.

People participating in classes would be: Members of Active and In Touch, and people who use the Food bank (Fair Frome) or Care Leavers and/or, anyone who wants to learn more about how to make meals – people who may find it useful to know how to use different vegetables in different dishes and learn about all the vegetables available to them, which they may find in the Community Fridge. Making meals on a low income.

Other Classes included in the final weekend: Jam /chutney making (fruit from the allotment) taught by the W.I.

We will include people from all cultural backgrounds who live locally who can share their national dishes.

Surplus produce and preserves will be sold and used to fund seeds/equipment for the following growing season.

Cookery leaflets will be made with the recipes used on the weekend – Suggested titles from Improve With Food – Food bank Box Meals and Windowsill meals – cooking with easily grown herbs. All recipes to be taught at the classes.


Title Description Total amount Amount requested
Management costs Coordination time £960 (4 hours a week – 6 months)

£10 per hr

Training/cooking teacher – Improve with Food £400 £400
Teaching/cooking – national dishes inc. ingredients. £265 £265
Sub Total £1625
Expenses (travel etc) Bus for event weekend £150 £150
Venue hire £225 per day x 5 = £1125 £1125

Napkins etc..

£500 estimate £500
Publicity inc. recipes £500 £500
Volunteer expenses
Other Vegetable seeds/equipment £100 £100
Sub total £2375
TOTAL £4000

Public questions and feedback

Q: Primarily a good [idea] but what about teaching people how to manage money?

A: Thank you for this question.  As part of her workshops, our cook, Sue Hidvegi, talks to members about cooking on a budget, but we will also look into inviting organisations such as ‘Christians Against poverty’ and representatives from ‘Fair Frome’ to attend our sessions to offer their expertise around budgeting.