Litter Warriors in Frome

Litter warriors FromeCould you join Frome’s litter warriors?

The principle is simple: Regular litter picks throughout the town that are based on areas of need. Frome Town Council will supply equipment, the litter warriors’ group will decide the location… and everyone is welcome to join in.  The regular litter picks will be every two weeks, alternating Thursday and Saturday.  Just turn up on one of the dates listed below. Alternatively you can borrow equipment and organise a litter pick in your area.

The next litter picks will be:

Thursday 5th December, 2pm
Dyers Close lane (Trinity) Meeting point – By Griffin

Saturday 21st December, 10am
Singers Knoll

Previous Picks

Saturday 16th November, 10am
The Dippy – Meeting Co-op

Thursday 31st October, 2pm
Stonebridge – Meeting point outside the Tesco (This is a family event zombie pick – so make sure you dress up)

Thursday 3rd October, 2pm
Manor Road – Meeting point Barnes Coach works

Green Clean – Saturday 21st September, 10am

Thursday 5th September, 2pm
Cuckoo Lane

Saturday 24th August 10am
Singers Knoll, Meet corner of Randolph Road/Singers Knoll

Thursday 1st August, 2pm
Cuckoo Lane, Meet opposite Gypsy Lane

Saturday 6th July, 10am
Bath Road, a meeting point the corner of Northcote Crescent/Grange Road just away from the main road

Thursday 18th July 2pm
Key centre, Tower Hill, Meet outside the Key centre

Thursday 20th June, 2pm
Gypsy lane, a meeting point the Rugby Club

Saturday 8th June, 10am
Portway, a meeting point The Station

Thursday 23rd May, 2pm
Keyford, a meeting point the Fire Station

Saturday 11th May, 10am
Meet on the corner of St John’s Road and Rodden Road

Litter Warriors FromeFind out about the Litter Warriors last clean up here and if you’d like to join in the fun add your email to the litter warriors mailing list here.

If there is an area of Frome that you would like the litter warriors to add to their list, then please do get in touch with them on