Community Clean-ups & Litter-picks

A fundamental part of the Keep Frome Clean campaign is everybody getting involved – and sometimes when a street or an area just needs that bit of community TLC we work with Mendip District Council to support groups and individuals in organising clean-ups and litter-picks.

How to get involved in five easy steps…

  1. Identify the streets or areas you’d like to help clean up and contact us. We’ll find out who they belong to so we can help you get the official okay for your clean-up
  2. With this in place, tell us what you’re doing, when and where – and if you’d like us to we’ll help you publicise your event and hopefully get lots of people along to help out
  3. Tell us how many people you’re expecting and we should be able to kit you out with essentials like litter pickers & rubbish bags. We can also work with MDC to organise for all the rubbish to be collected
  4. Prepare a risk assessment beforehand. Then check it on the day itself. That way everything should run smoothly & safely. Get in touch if you’d like any support and advice doing this
  5. Get your Clean on – remembering to take before and after photos. You could even record & edit a film of your efforts! Then tell us how it all went – and we’ll tell the world!

And afterwards…

Bask in the glory of being part of something brilliant and doing your bit for the town!

Well done, you!