Mental Health


Mental health is linked to many aspects of our lives. Positive mental wellbeing helps to protect us from stress and trauma and enables us to live healthier lifestyles and to manage long term conditions more effectively. Mental wellbeing is important for both individuals and their families but also for the communities in which we live.

Promoting mental wellbeing and preventing mental health problems is one of the aims of our Health and Wellbeing Strategy. Ignoring these things impacts on other aspects of our health, on reducing inequalities and on preventing premature death.

Young People’s Mental Health – what are we doing in Frome?

Nationally, we know that over three quarters of mental health problems have emerged by the time young people reach the age of 20. We know that the rate of hospital admissions for self-harm is higher in Frome than in Somerset and England and several organisations have raised concerns about the provision of services to support young people locally, both in terms of levels of support available in Frome, securing of funding and awareness raising of what is available locally.

Frome Town Council and partners are focused on a number of actions including:

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Last updated on 30th May 2018.