One in six adults in the UK has a literacy level below that expected of an 11 year old. People with low levels of literacy are more likely to struggle in school and less likely to gain qualifications and to find employment. Parents with low literacy find it harder to support their children through their education. And low literacy can affect people’s health – with people likely to lead less healthy and therefore shorter lives if they are challenged by reading and writing.

Literacy in Frome

We know in Frome that some people experience low levels of literacy, with people struggling to understand important correspondence and to complete applications for benefits and jobs for example. Intergenerational low literacy levels have also been identified by Frome schools as a challenge.

Low levels of literacy remain an issue that could affect our strategic aims of increasing wellbeing, prosperity and environmental sustainability / resilience. This has therefore been identified as a priority for Frome Town Council to work on with partners. The Frome Literacy Action group consists of interested parties who have considered a town wide response to the problem and commissioned the National Literacy Trust to explore the challenge we face. As a result of this work, an Action Plan has been produced, implementation started and actions within the Health and Wellbeing Strategy support its delivery.

What are we doing in Frome?

Frome Town Council and partners are focused on a number of actions, including:

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Last updated 30 May 2018