Healthy Lifestyles


What are we doing to support people to live healthy lifestyles in Frome? A ‘healthy lifestyle’ means different things to different people. For some it’s about eating well, for others it might be about trying to stop smoking. Some people like to be active, whether that means walking instead of taking the car, joining a gym or getting out in the garden digging!

There are many things we can do to be more healthy – being more active, not smoking, being careful how much alcohol we drink and eating a balanced diet for example. Here in Frome there are lots of things happening that can support people to try to be more healthy, in whichever ways they can. And as a Town Council we want to do what we can to help with this too.

Healthy Lifestyles – what are we doing in Frome?

So we’ve decided on a number of things we will do this year to try and support people to be more healthy. Here’s what we are already doing or planning to do:

  • We hold Mayhem in the Meadow – this annual event took place this year on Monday 7th May, in Rodden Meadow. Many families came along to this free event and enjoyed this beautiful outdoor space, taking part in the various fun and games that were on offer this year, including tree climbing, smoothie making, river dipping and story telling. Food was available too from the Fair Frome Wrap and Roll stall!
  • We want to support people to be more physically active and one way of doing this is by encouraging people to move more by getting  running. New running courses tend to start at the beginning of each term (broadly September/October, January, May/June, for both beginners and those who already do some running – find out more here. These are being delivered in partnership with Run Leaders from DEKA Running. New courses will be shared as and when they are planned but look out in the late summer for news on this. Frome Medical Practice started a new Couch to 5k course on 1 October 2018, aimed at people with anxiety or depression who are new to physical activity. And we’ve introduced a School Gate Running Project. This currently takes place from Vallis School at 9am on a Thursday morning – all runners welcome. More information on our running page.
  • If you really don’t fancy trying running then we’ve a series of walks around the town that are a lovely way of getting out and about and enjoying the fresh air, whilst moving around more. And there are health walks for people of all abilities taking place in Frome too – which are great if you want a more sociable walk. Find out more about walking in Frome here. 
  • We know that people like to cycle but that some people find Frome just too hilly to make this enjoyable! If this sounds like you then why not try the e-bikes that are available in Frome. Have a go and see what you think! More information on this here.
  • We’d love to encourage more people to use Frome’s outdoor gym equipment on the Old Showfield so we’ve provided drop in sessions where a physical activity instructor is available to ‘show you how’ things work! Sessions have stopped for the winter now but keep your eye on our website and noticeboards as they may start again in 2019. Find out more here. 
  • We’ve brought Tennis For Free to Frome! Find out how to book to join in with Saturday afternoon sessions and when the other free sessions will be taking place here.
  • We’ve been awarded Positive About Breastfeeding status, meaning mums are welcome to breastfeed their babies in public areas of Frome Town Hall during normal working hours. Read more about this here.

Last updated on 11 November 2018