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Keeping Frome Clean

Man carrying bin bag and litter picker

Let’s keep Frome clean

There are lots of people involved in keeping the town clean, including Frome Town Council, Mendip District Council and Somerset County Council.

Who does what?

  • Here at Frome Town Council, we look after most of the parks and green spaces in Frome. We empty our bins once a day, every day – but if you see one that’s full let us know by calling 01373 465757
  • Mendip District Council is responsible for pretty much all of the other bins in the town and most of the street cleaning. You can report full bins directly to Mendip District Council by calling 0300 303 8588 or by email.
  • Somerset County Council looks after most of the town’s roads and pavements, including roadside drains

Our campaign to keep Frome clean means organisations working together to make things better.

It also means everybody doing their bit, whether that’s businesses sweeping outside their shops, people putting litter in bins or community groups tidying unloved areas.

Get involved – 5 incredibly easy ways to help keep Frome clean today

  • Bin it for Frome! Nice and simple – put litter in bins. It’s what they’re there for
  • Full? Report full or nearly-full bins around the town to us or to Mendip District Council
  • Pick up after other people. Yes they’re being lazy, but it’ll only take a few seconds to put that crisp packet in the bin. And afterwards you can be extra proud knowing you’ve done your bit for yourself and for the town
  • Bag it & bin it Clean up after your dog and remember bagged dog mess can go in any litter bin
  • No ifs or butts! Come on smokers – put them in the bin when they’re out

Find out more

Contact us on 01373 465757 or at info@frometowncouncil.gov.uk to find out more. Alternatively, pop in to the Town Hall to have a chat.

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7 April 2014
Last Updated
7 February 2021