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YogaLearn Pre-School Yoga

9.30am-10.30am Wednesday (term time only)

YogaLearn classes focus on developing spatial and body awareness taught through fun yoga poses, suitable for this crucial developmental age. Carers can join in with the gentle poses and learn relaxation techniques to use at home.

Using the natural world and familiar animals as a guide, yoga poses become accessible for this young age, strengthening bodies and increasing balance. Important skills such as sharing, taking turns and listening are developed. A nurturing class aimed at increasing imagination, building confidence, in a non-competitive way, whilst developing a sense of well-being through movement and relaxation.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Children, ideally aged 3 (or nearly!) and over, and their carers. Babes in arms are welcome to come and watch their siblings have fun.

Try your first class for free – pre-booking required. Please visit the website for more information and booking form.

YogaLearn After School Club

3:30pm-4.30pm, Thursday (term time only)

Real yoga taught so that children can further develop their self-expression, body-awareness and social skills. Exploring real yoga poses, as well as focus on breathing and relaxation exercises to suit this age range.

Benefits of the class

Students will develop strength, increasing balance and co-ordination. Classes will promote mental calm, giving them the tools to manage their emotions. YogaLearn classes build confidence and self-esteem, enhancing team skills and social interaction.

Classes are non-competitive and fun, with poses accessible to all fitness levels, with adaptations to ensure inclusivity. Yoga sets a life-long foundation for well-being.

Who are the classes suitable for?

Children aged 4 to 7.

Try your first class for free – pre-booking required. Please visit the website for further information and booking form. 

30 September 2021
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30 September 2021