Wellbeing Panel

Cllr Ali Barclay is chair.

Cllrs part of this panel are: Peter Macfadyen, Sheila Gore, Heather Wride, Kate Bielby, Jean Boulton and Tim O’Connor.

Staff contact: Kate Hellard  Hellardk@frometowncouncil.gov.uk , 01373 475579.

Actions are to:

  • Contribute to and share the information held by the panel members and FTC staff re existing and projects gaps in service.
  • Hold a meeting with key partner organisations, open to the public, to bounce these back and ensure they reflect the gaps they have identified.
  • Invite regional and national experts to share their knowledge and expertise particularly on the projected impact of future cuts and to explore other models of addressing and overcoming need.
  • Collate the findings of the three meetings and identify particular areas of need / prioritise areas to focus effort for Frome.

The recommendations from the Wellbeing Panel were put forward to Council on 16 December 2015. The full report can be read here

Table of recommendations

  Recommendation Detail Resources Timescale
1 To commission a baseline study To be delivered this year as a pilot. £2.5k Feb – May 2016
2 To coordinate and deliver a series of street level events


To include street parties and a ‘how to guide’ £7k




April 2016 – March 2017
3 To increase access to information for residents at a street level To map the streets and areas that the Health Champions are based in and identify gaps in Frome




To install more noticeboards with a process to keep them up to date


To explore what a ‘mobile town hall’ would look like


Use a page in Frome Times to advertise what is going on in the town (this goes to every household)

Health connections volunteer coordinator time


Town Rangers



CPO/ panel





April 2016 onwards
4 To create a central information base


FTC to create a virtual central information base


Gather more information & links more widely. (Increase connections with County and other neighbouring authorities)


Collate and provide statistical information both from FTC to community to support fund raising and from the community to FTC










5 To create a volunteer base to support, coordinate, train and signpost volunteers. Further work is undertaken to explore what would best suit Frome, building on the work of Somerset You Can Do and Mendip Community Support.




May 2016 – onwards
6 To continue the Wellbeing Panel To meet regularly, hold themed meetings, engage district and county representatives. £1k Feb 2016 – bi – monthly


These were agreed unanimously by Council.