Sports and Leisure Panel

Cllr Gary Collinson is the Chair.

Cllrs part of this panel are: Nick White, Kate Bielby, Peter Macfadyen and Richard Ackroyd. Staff contact: Kate Hellard 01373 475579.

The proposed remit is to identify gaps and issues with current sports and leisure provision in Frome. Work with the local community to identify priorities and make recommendations for discrete, achievable solutions to overcome these.

The Sports and Leisure Panel put forward their recommendations to Council on 16 December 2015. The full report can be read here

Table of recommendations

No. Recommendation Detail Cost Partners Short/ medium /long term
1 FTC to take a lead role in improving sports facilities in the town


FTC to facilitate a sports forum, meeting quarterly


Commission specific fundraising support for sports clubs and organisations







Fusion Lifestyle

All sports activity providers

All sports facilities providers including schools




2 Increase participation of adults in sport and leisure activity For the sports forum to create a programme of engagement, taster sessions and opportunities to participate in informal activity leading to regular engagement in formal sports. £2k Medium





3 Increase the number of young people, particularly girls in sport and leisure activity To promote ‘this girl can’ campaign

To work with SASP to support shared training opportunities:

1st aid

Training of coaches (particularly women)

£4k SASP

Sports forum





4 To increase the number of volunteers involved For FTC to become a registered body who can complete and signoff DBS checks – allocate x no hours per week to a member of the team to perform this as a service to all community groups and organisations, including sports clubs and organisations. Part time admin post (11hrs per week) Medium / Long



5 Resurface the two, currently unused, courts at Frome College


To create courts for community use Frome college

Somerset County Council




6 FTC to explore the viability of purchasing the land behind the Vallis Road Youth and Community Centre from Somerset County Council


If a viable this project would create a full sized multi use court to include the provision of markings for netball. Source of funds remains uncertain.



PWB loan £10,204.40 per year over 15 years (to be paid for from hire fees)


Frome Netball Club




7 To create a network of cycle paths across the town.

Recommended for the Old Showfield and The dippy in year 1.


FTC ensures that wherever possible and unless there is good reason not to, that future new and improved paths are accessible and inclusive and suitable for shared use including bicycles.

Recommended width of between 2.00 and 3.00 metres


Estimated cost: £45.00 – £75.00 per square metre


Costs to be met by FTC and where possible grant funding.

Frome missing Link



Friends of the Dippy




15/16 and



8 Installation of outdoor exercise and fitness equipment which is accessible at any time of day There is currently funding allocated to install accessible exercise equipment at The Old Snowfield and we recommend that this is extended to include a fitness trail at the same site



To be paid for from FTC designated s106 money and EMR


Frome Medical Practice






9 FTC to work with Fusion Lifestyle to increase access to facilities and community sports provision


Turn around the cricket nets in the sports centre as part of their refurbishment to provide indoor cricket nets


To request that they install appropriate structure for the future installation of a hoist to create accessible changing facilities.


Identify spaces in their bookings which can be promoted to community groups


£0 FTC

Fusion Lifestyle


10 FTC to support and endorse the proposal of the creation of a full size football pitch at the Rugby Club


Where necessary to take a role in facilitating the process. £0 Frome Football Club

Frome Rugby Club



11 Lease of land and creation of Frome Sports Trust at Frome Golf Club


FTC to commission a feasibility study and business plan for the lease of a quantity of land at the former Frome Golf Club.


Subject to the results of the feasibility study employ a consultant to secure the lease of the land and advise on the establishment of a trust which will fundraise and create some or all of the following facilities: indoor archery and rifle range, 5 football pitches, athletics/ running track and cricket square.


£2.5k (E)

this year’s budget



£5k (E)

next year’s budget


Key partners: SASP, Frome Football Club, Frome Town Archers, Frome Running Club








12 FTC to look at ways of improving sport and leisure opportunities along the river corridor, including improved access to the river Building on the work of the River Strategy, Participate Frome and Neighbourhood Plan. Frome Angling Association

Frome Canoe Club

Friends of the River Frome








13 To improve the provision of information about sports and leisure activity in Frome To include availability of facilities, accessible database of organisations and clubs and what they provide


£7000 (E) Frome Active






The recommendations were agreed unanimously.

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