E-Car Club

Frome’s e-car club allows you to hire electric cars by the hour, so you can get around cheaply without burning fuel. Did you know that using an electric car is cheaper than running a fossil fueled car and produces no tail-pipe pollutants so not only are you saving £s you are also helping to save the environment.

And in Frome there are two electric cars located in the town for hourly hire. One at the Town Hall and one at the Cheese and Grain, which can be booked by the hour.

The cars can be booked for any length of time (over one hour), and as they’re completely electric, there are no additional fuel costs to worry about. Insurance is even included in this price, and the minimum membership age is just 19.

The vehicles are specially adapted to include an RFID card access system, which means the cars can be booked online (or via the E-Car Club mobile app) and used by several different people throughout the day at a cost of just £5.50 per hour, or £45 for 24 hours.

The E-Car Club’s award-winning Renault ZOE hatchbacks have an average range of 70-90 miles per charge. Which covers the vast majority of day-to-day journeys. Should E-Car Club members wish to travel further afield, there’s a plethora of electric charge points members can access across the UK.

The cars in Frome are parked in their own bays at the Cheese and Grain Car Park and the Town Hall, in spaces provided by Frome Town Council as part of their work to tackle air quality issues in Frome.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the scheme please visit: ecarclub.co.uk/frome for more information and a time-limited introductory offer.

There are also E-Car Club electric cars you can hire in Bristol, Bath and Keynsham.

For more information and to join as a lifetime member see website

The e-car club car located at Frome Town Hall and available for hourly hireThe e-car club car located at Frome's Cheese and Grain and available for hourly hire