Health and Wellbeing Radio Show

Radio Active

Frome Town Council hosts a four weekly health and wellbeing radio show, called Radio Active. This show broadcasts every 4 weeks on a Thursday lunchtime from 12-1 on our local community radio station, Frome FM. You can listen to the show online or on 96.6FM.

Radio Active is repeated on Frome FM several times in the week the show goes out:

  • Thursday original 12.00pm
  • Thursday repeat 6.00pm
  • Friday repeat 3.00pm
  • Saturday repeat 5.00pm
  • Sunday repeat 9.00am
  • Monday repeat 12.00pm

You can also catch up with previous shows at anytime here.

What we’ve talked about on recent shows?

On our September show we heard from guests including:

  • Nova Sports and Coaching, who shared with us their plans to provide more inclusive sporting opportunities across Frome over the next few months
  • Emma Parker, Project Officer at Frome Town Council who spoke to us about Cycle September
  • Kate Hellard, Project Officer at Frome Town Council, who spoke to us about the Rubbish Meeting taking place on 15th September

You can download the 13th September show here. 

Join us on our health and wellbeing radio show…..

If there’s something you’d love to chat with us about on our health and wellbeing radio show please get in touch. There are so many things going on in Frome that are health and wellbeing related and we’d love to be able to share news of these things with more people! The show is very relaxed and guests usually enjoy taking part!

The Health and Wellbeing Hour

Radio Active is one of several shows that form the Health and Wellbeing Hour on Frome FM. The Health and Wellbeing Hour is put together by a number of local organisations, including the Council and Frome Medical Practice. It aims to showcase the wealth of support in Frome that aims to help us live healthy and fulfilling lives.

You can find out more about the Health and Wellbeing Hour and other shows that take place on a Thursday lunchtime here.

Last updated 14 September 2018