Fair Frome

Fair FromeFair Frome is a new organisation that has been set up to support local people to bounce back from the difficulties of living with poverty.  We know that there are lots of ways that poverty can affect people’s lives, including differences in their health, opportunities for education, chances to make the right choices for you and enough money to live on.

We will deliver hands on projects, as well as working with existing organisations to build services for Frome and the surrounding areas.  Our One Stop Shop is open on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursday morning 10am – 12pm at 5 Palmer Street Frome, with information and advice about how to access services to support people to bounce back when times are hard.

Fair Frome can be contacted by email at info@fairfrome.org

You can find out more about Fair Frome and see their most up-to-date newsletter here