Frome Business Breakfast

The Frome Business Breakfast is a monthly event that presents bite sized business talks for the local community. Each month, the sessions feature a local speaker with expertise in the chosen topic. Participants are invited to ask their own questions, join the discussion, or simply sit back and absorb the information.

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Frome Business Breakfast: Ethical Business Practice

1st May @ 7:00am

Actions, relationships, products and services can lead to an impact on the environment, wildlife and people throughout the world. Great organisations are built on strong ethical business practices, but these can’t be developed overnight. What does it mean to be an ethical business in Frome?

Join us at 7am on Tuesday 1st May for a Frome Business Breakfast on Ethical Business Practice.  Luke Wilde, from twentyfifty ltd will share his company’s experience of working with some of the world’s biggest companies on human rights, responsible sourcing and women’s empowerment – and also of being a small company seeking to ‘practice what they preach’ and apply good ethics to their own business. Becoming one of the first certified B-corp companies in the UK.

“Being ethical can sound rather remote from our day to day work, yet it covers the whole approach to how we do business,” said Town Councillor, Jean Boulton. “How we price, source, handle staff and customers are all part of the larger picture, it is about what drives us and why we are doing what we do.”

The Frome Business Breakfast is an exchange of knowledge and experience, open to all and a great opportunity to meet with other local organisations. Organised by Frome Town Council, Frome and District Chamber of Commerce, and Business Manager Mairi Connelly.

The event costs £10 per person with the breakfast included in the price. Dietary options are available upon request, prior to the event.

Pre-booking is essential via the following link, Book Now.

Please book early to avoid disappointment.

Contact Charlie Orr at for further information.

Future Events



June Frome Business Breakfast: How Can Businesses Help Each Other?

5th June @ 7:00am

How can local businesses work better together? Discover ways to set up shared transport initiatives for staff, establish joint waste and recycling contracts and develop joint relationships with suppliers.

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July Frome Business Breakfast: Readiness for Work

3rd July @ 7:00am

Apprenticeships, work experience placements and training courses provide valuable opportunities for businesses to grow a skilled team in an affordable and sustainable way, as well as combating inequality and disadvantage.

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September Frome Business Breakfast: How Can Businesses Give Back to the Town?

4th September @ 7:00am

Many local businesses support charities, and more are turning their attention to what they can do for the community. What’s the best way for a business to help, whilst fulfilling its own needs?

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October Frome Business Breakfast: Keeping Abreast of your Business Environment

2nd October @ 7:00am

Researching your market and having a clear understanding of the environment is vital for success. While this may be a daunting task, building strong positive relationships within your supply chain can give you the upper hand.

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November Frome Business Lunch: How Can Government Support Local Business?

6th November @ 1:00pm

At the first ever Frome Business Lunch, we welcome back David Warburton MP alongside representatives of the County, District and Town Council to discuss what support the Government can offer local businesses.

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Frome Business Breakfast: Strategy for Small Business

4th December @ 7:00am

Small businesses thrive on creativity and innovation, however, these skills don’t come naturally to everyone. This event will demonstrate how to generate and develop ideas to contribute to a culture of originality.

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