Wildlife Watch

Hello – what’s this then…

A brand new page. Dedicated to all you wildlife enthusiasts & experts in and around Frome.

Don’t mind if we do!

You might have noticed that we like our green spaces here in Frome – from parks to play spaces to natural riverside meadows.

We’re lucky to have a variety of types of green space in the town – and we tailor our management & maintenance techniques in these spaces to encourage biodiversity. By creating a variety of different and complementary habitats we help to support our wildlife & plantlife.

And hopefully this means there’s lots of interesting wildlife in and around Frome. Which is where you can get involved…

We’re going to use this page to keep a list of the interesting, exciting & rare wildlife you’ve ‘Spotted in Frome’

So send in details of what you’ve spotted, including where & when (date and time ideally)

If you managed to get a good photo that would be great too.

We’d also love to hear from you with your hints & tips for wildlife spotting.

From the practical – take a waterproof and a nice flask of tea – to the precise – if you suddenly & randomly see lots of birds fly away from a river then it might be because there’s an otter nearby!

Last of all here are some useful links to get you started…

Somerset Wildlife Trust

The Wildlife Trusts – Great places to see wildlife

The British Trust for Ornithology

Butterfly Conservation

Last updated 18 April 2016