The Old Showfield

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Current news…

Oops! Some of the play equipment at the Showfield needs some new surfacing underneath. We’re working on this right now, so please bear with us while we get this sorted ahead of the summer

The Old Showfield… Great for dogs…. and kids…. and runners…. and walkers… and general outdoor stuff!

The Old Showfield is Frome’s largest open green space. This means there’s plenty of room to stretch your legs, however you choose to do that!

The field is also known locally as the Cheese Field – a reminder that it used to be the site of the town’s annual Cheese Show.

Whichever name you know it by, there’s lots to be excited about here – especially the Management & Improvement Plan that was agreed by Council in March 2016.

Getting here

There are plenty of routes to and from the Old Showfield, with access from Bath Road/Rodden Road, the Stonebridge Estate & Berkley Road.

Things to do

  • Slide, swing, jump & zip-wire your way round the play area – one of Frome’s biggest!
  • Catch some weekend football. Or cricket, depending on the time of year
  • Get from A to B avoiding the roads and pavements
  • Run, roll and play on the slopes
  • Let the dog, or the kids (or both!) use up some spare energy. It’s a big site – plenty of space to run around and wear yourself out!

Future plans

Click here to view the Management & Improvement Plan for the Old Showfield: MIP The Old Showfield

The first draft of this plan was drawn up in January 2016, reflecting public consultations that started in 2014.

The draft plan was updated after discussion at a public meeting in January 2016 – and the updated plan was approved by Councillors in March 2016.

Key Ideas

The key strategic ideas for the Old Showfied are as follows:

  • Better footpaths round the site
  • An enclosed play area that will make it possible to keep dogs out
  • A community orchard and picnic space
  • Additional planting, including tree planting; and creating wildflower meadows & margins
  • The provision of outdoor fitness opportunities

Latest news

Work is set to start on the path improvements on Monday 15 August Showfield Footpath Works Aug 2016

And the outdoor fitness equipment has now been installed – with a celebration Spectacular on Saturday 3 September

We’ve also progressed our wildflower project this summer with two joint events with Somerset Wildlife Trust’s Magnificent Meadows team.

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Last updated 18 May 2017