Our move to the Frome Town Hall 2017

FAQ – FTC and Information Centre move to the Town Hall

Key Dates in 2017:

27 January – Last day info centre will operate from the Library
13 – 17 February – FTC move into Frome Town Hall
8 and 10 February – Community groups to reserve furniture from Palmer Street
16 and 17 February – Furniture collection by community groups
1 April – Launch of Frome Town Hall

FTC move

Where are you moving?
We are moving from our current office in Palmer Street to the old social services building on Christchurch Street West. This is the Victorian building opposite the Memorial Theatre. This building will now be known as Frome Town Hall.

What happens to Frome Town Council (FTC) operations during the move?
FTC will close down for one week, 13th – 17th February. This will allow time for us to settle in and ensure that all IT and phone systems are operating correctly. We will resume normal operating hours from Monday 20 February. We will have an emergency contact number as we do during the Christmas holidays.

If you are moving in in February, why is your launch date in April?
FTC has been working hard since 2014 to ensure that the refurbishment of the old Social Services building meets the needs of FTC and the community. We want to make sure that the building looks and functions at its best when it is available to the public. You can still drop into the offices to access Town Council information and utilise staff, however various functions will be delayed to the April launch, such as the booking of meeting rooms.

When I visit FTC will I be able to park?
There is a small car park at the rear of the building. There are 2 disabled spaces on the road adjacent to the side entrance. There are 7 visitor spaces with one disabled parking bay in the car park, for use of visitors to the building free of charge. There will be no overnight parking available. We will also have bike racks to park your bike in the grounds.

Two of the car club cars will also be based at the Town Hall car park, with one electric car charge point. This is a Town Council initiative to get more people using electric cars and sharing transport around the town. For more information please visit co-wheels.org.uk/frome.

Is there a bus stop near by?
Yes, there is a bus stop not far from Frome Town Hall, on Christchurch Street West – known as the stop ‘Frome Memorial Theatre Complex’ on most local bus timetables.

What facilities are available at Frome Town Hall?
We will have the ability to offer 2 multi-use rooms as well as the Council Chamber which has a capacity of 120 people. The Information Centre will be located at the reception desk. Our Frome Town Hall Steward, Sean, will be on hand to greet you and show you around.

What other organisations will be based at the Town Hall?
As well as FTC being based there, we will also be joined by some long-term tenants. These will be We Hear You (WHY), Frome FM, Fair Frome and Active and In Touch.

I don’t have a booking with an organisation at the Town Hall, can I still come into the building?
Frome Town Hall is a community building. Our aim is to make the building welcoming and inviting to all members of our community. We welcome you to pop in and visit us at the Council as you have done in Palmer Street or speak to the Information Centre.

If I want to book the Council Chamber, meeting room or desk how do I go about this?
All our bookable facilities will be available for use from the start of April. If in the meantime you would like to make a future booking for a meeting room, the Council Chamber or a desk please email Charlie at orrc@frometowncouncil.gov.uk

Can I use the Council Chamber for a party?
Initially when we move into the building our focus will be on ensuring that the Council Chamber works well for a meeting space. We will have top of the range audio-visual equipment and flexible seating and tables. In the future, we are very much looking forward to expanding the use of the Council Chamber to be able to host parties (with catering), wedding receptions and so on. Once these facilities are available we will advertise them on our website.

Is there disabled access?
Yes, there is. We have 3 disabled parking spaces in the vicinity of the building. To the side of the building there is an entrance which is wheelchair user friendly. The ground floor is fully accessible and the first floor can be accessed via a lift.

Information Centre move

Why is the Information Centre moving from the library?
To make Frome Town Hall a useful and inviting community space we felt a key component was the Information Centre. We have kept the Library informed throughout the process of moving out and they have been very understanding.

When is the information centre moving?
The last day the Information Centre will be operating from the Library will be Friday 27th January 2017.

Where will the Information Centre be between leaving the Library, and moving into the Town Hall?
In the transition period from the Library to the Town Hall, the Information Centre will have a temporary base at the FTC offices in Palmer Street.

What services will the Information Centre retain?
Our Information Centre Advisors are still on hand with their extensive knowledge of Frome and the surrounding areas. We will still have local information, tourist brochures and local souvenirs on sale.

The Town Hall is too far for me to get to, how will I access the services of the Information Centre?
We understand that the move to the top of the hill may be a little out of the way for some. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs. We can still be contacted by telephone and email and we can still send information in the post.