What Can Frome Town Hall Do For You?

Frome Town Hall opens to the public on 3rd April. This comes after a long process of the Town Council being able to buy the building and getting it ready. But what does this mean for you?  Well to start with, let’s see who’s going to be working at the Town Hall…

Frome Town Council is a Parish Council, responsible for, generally speaking, the ‘wellbeing’ of our town. This can include responding to local needs and providing advice and information to local residents. This can be done by the public using our Information Centre, which is moving from the Library on 27th January to a temporary home at 5 Palmer St.

Wellbeing can also be explained politically, however. It’s important that everybody gets their voice heard on the matters that affect us all in the town, be it complaint or suggestion. Therefore, the Town Council takes it upon itself to chair meetings that all members of the public are encouraged to attend, if only to get an idea of what’s going on in the town, what’s being discussed. This isn’t some closed off ceremony, it’s an important and open part of local democracy, and to make it easier to attend, from now on the meetings will be held at the Town Hall’s Council Chamber.

Also at the Town Hall there are various rooms which can be used for work, meetings, parties, weddings –  general gatherings of people really. This goes from desk space which people can come and use as an office for the day, right up to the Council Chamber itself, which holds several hundred people and which we are keen to see used all year round. These facilities can be rented through us by booking a time slot, and we have a pay scheme that gives discounts to charities.

Lastly, we’ll have some charitable organisations working, again with the aim of improving the lives of the townspeople. These aren’t people who work for the Council, more that their aims and good work chime well with what the Council does for you all, so we thought it’d be good to have them all under one roof. There are also some Council projects which you can use while you’re at the building, such as the car co-op electric car program and a future bike share system.

So come along and get involved!