Boyle Cross Remodelling

Market Place Remodelling: Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening in the market place?

  • A new high-quality and more level stone paved area around the Boyle Cross monument providing an enhanced market/events area including pop-up power points, new seating, a reinstatement of the Boyle Cross ornamental fountain and lighting of the monument.

When is it happening?

  • Phase 1 start date is 7 August and is expected to take 16 weeks.  Construction will be staggered – the initial work will be on the existing car parking spaces, followed by the foot-way at the bottom of Cheap Street.  Care will be taken to ensure that this project does not impact on plans for the Christmas Light Switch On scheduled for 1 December or the Frome Independent market on 3 December.

Why are you doing it?

  • To enhance the appearance and vitality of this crucial part of the town centre, to enhance the facilities for markets/events, to improve pedestrian safety and movement, to improve air quality and to make the town centre more attractive as a place to shop, work and visit.

Who is leading the project?

  • Frome Town Council (FTC) is leading the project and is responsible for project management. As landowner, Mendip District Council (MDC) is supporting the project and will work with FTC to manage the area once construction is completed.

Who is building it?

  • Dave Lucey Limited, a Frome based contractor. The works contract has been let and is being project managed by FTC. Dave Lucey Limited can be contacted on 01373 462726 or email on

How are we meeting the needs of businesses during Phase 1?

  • Through sensitive phasing and the provision of temporary delivery bays in Market Place and King Street. Signage will be in place to direct customers to Cheap Street businesses and a special feature on Cheap Street is now available on the Discover Frome website to promote shopping in this part of the town centre at Cheap Street Eclectic Shopping. FTC and MDC staff are also working closely with the market traders to ensure that they can continue to trade during the construction phase.
  • Footpath & Loading Plan and Timing-schematic

How much will it cost?

  • £244k (est.) including supervision and legal costs.  MDC is contributing £20k with the balance being paid for by FTC.

Will there be alternative free parking?

  • The Town Council is in discussion with Mendip District Council about the replacement of free parking.  FTC have also asked the District Council how Mendip might be supported in the provision of alternative free parking and they are investigating a number of possibilities.  An announcement will be made as soon as the options have been considered.

How will the area be managed post-construction?

  • A working group is being established involving FTC and MDC representatives to agree a management plan.

What is phase 2?

The works to Boyle Cross are part of a wider scheme for the Market Place being progressed by FTC in consultation with Somerset County Council as highway authority.  The key elements are:

  • A new 20 mph zone and other traffic calming measures to improve pedestrian safety.
  • Enhancing existing ‘desire lines’ where pedestrians frequently cross the road using build outs, better dropped kerbs and other features to be agreed with Somerset County Council.
  • The removal of railings on the junction of Cork Street and Market Place – their replacement with bollards.
  • New high-quality paving elsewhere in the Market Place.
  • Widening of the bus bays to improve traffic flow and improve air quality.
  • New bus shelters to enhance the experience for bus passengers.
  • Disabled parking bays will be retained.
  • Improved directional signage.

When will Phase 2 start?

  • When FTC have approval from Somerset County Council but expected to be in early 2018.

The History of the Market Place Improvements project

  • This project was probably first talked about in 1995 when the Frome Town Centre Action Plan was prepared.
  • In 1998, the Frome Transport Strategy which included reference to Market Place improvements involved extensive public consultation.
  • Successive studies and plans including Frome Fit for the Future 2003, Vision for Frome Community Plan 2008, Mendip Town Centres Study 2010, Frome Design Statement, Frome Neighbourhood Plan and the Mendip District Local Plan identified the need for improvements in the Market Place. All involved extensive public consultation.
  • In 2012, FTC commissioned Landscape Projects to undertake a feasibility study. Public consultation at that time included a series of town centre stakeholder meetings, an open public meeting and a public exhibition.  Their recommendations informed the design of the current scheme.
  • The planning application process involved consultation with a wide range of stakeholders and FTC made amendments to the to the scheme along the way to take account of the feedback received, including the choice of materials, positioning of seating, positioning of the loading bay and introduction of demountable bollards to ensure access by market operators.
  • Earlier this year Frome Town Council consulted the parish councils around Frome – there were no significant objections raised
  • Recently we have been engaging with all the businesses and market operators that may be affected by the construction to ensure that we address the needs of customers and suppliers throughout the construction phase as far as possible.

Who do I contact for more information?

Please email us at Tel: 01373 465757

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Market Place Remodelling